Project Framing

Project Framing

Project and Opportunity Framing events are facilitated workshops where teams come together to identify and rank opportunities, agree actions and build a plan. Events and workshops can be facilitated by Cubes3 staff.

Opportunity Framing

Opportunity Framing can be applied to any project or opportunity ranging from developing an oilfield to building an industrial plant. It starts with a clear summary of where the project is followed by a definition of where the project wants to be at an agreed stage in the future (e.g. 3-5 years from now). Then a plan is built to achieve a succesful result.  The givens and boundary conditions are agreed in sessions which Paint the Picture of the opportunity. Opportunities and risks are agreed and a risk Management Register and Plan established.  Key Stakeholders are identified and a Stakeholder Management Plan put together.  Critical Decision Points are identified and sequenced in time and form the basis for the Decision Based Plan.


Opportunity Identification

Opportunity Identification workshops are sessions where project teams come together and identify opportunites for further development. In oil and gas fields these are usually infill wells, pressure maintenance projects and Enhanced Oil/Gas Recovery and also include appraisal of undrained fault blocks and reservoir layers.  The size of the opportunity is established by using appropriate analogues and by benchmarking Recovery Factors. Opportunities are ranked using cost and UR estimates.

Field redevelopment

Field redevelopment and production optimisation workshops are similar to the above Opportunity Identification events but are more focused on production performance and history to gain a better understanding of redevelopent options.

Decision Based Planning

Project Plans will be based on the key decisions that need to be made during a project. Listing and ordering these decisions is the basis for a decision based plan. Actions to support these decisions are identified and put in chronological order to ensure the most efficient approach is followed. 

Project Reframing Opportunity (Angkor Wat)