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Welcome to Cubes3 Oil and Gas – a Petroleum Engineering and Portfolio Management consultancy that provides advice, training and project evaluation services to the oil and gas industry.


Cubes3 Oil and Gas aims to support Oil Companies with investment decisions, field development planning, reserves reporting, production forecasting and training needs. 

Reservoirs at surface (Oman)


Cubes3 supports Oil Companies and Private Equity Investors who wish to invest in oil and gas assets around the world. Extensive experience with different fiscal climates, from Europe and Africa to the Middle and Far East, provides a sound basis for portfolio analysis and investment decision advice.

With many years of experience related to reserves and hydrocarbon resource reporting, Cubes3 staff provide CPR’s and AIM and SEC compliant support for Proven Reserves estimates, Probable Reserves, Contingent Resources and Prospective Resource Volumes.

Economic evaluations are an essential input for the valuation of oil and gas assets and economic modelling support based on various fiscal regimes can be provided. A thorough economic analysis is the basis for sound decision making and for reviewing different development scenarios.  Cubes3 staff have experience in development opportunity identification, project framing, economic modelling and decision making. Training can be provided in the areas of Reserves, Reservoir Engineering, Opportunity Identification, Concept Selection, Economic modelling and Decision Quality.


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